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Text reminders Posted on 15 Jan 2020

Now that we have text reminders and confirmation of appointments set up it is vitally important that patients keep us completely up to date with contact mobile numbers.  We have the option to send an email if no mobile is available, however again, it is vital we have the correct information.

When you are next in the surgery please check we have your most up to date information recorded.

If you have not received a text or email from us recently and would like to be included we would be obliged if you could send us an email with your details and we will update your records accordingly. Also if you have received a text or email and do not think it is correct, please send us an email giving us the details so we can update our database. If you have given your mobile number as contact for a family member you will most likely receive a reminder or confirmation text - if this is not appropriate please advise reception so we can amend our records. 

If you do not wish to receive text messages or emails for confirmations and reminders, please advise reception.

Your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

[NB: Please note if you cancel or change an appointment you will only get confirmation/reminder for the new appointment, you will not receive notification of the cancellation of the original one]

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